Who I am

My name is Bai yang, I was born in Beijing in 1981, I have a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from ” L’école de design Nantes Atlantique” in France. I’m an international designer, focused on Product design with a strategic perspective.

What I do

Design research, customer trends, innovation, explorations of new lifestyle & using scenarios, quick sketching, concept development, design language, ensure brand consistency, provide concept and design guide for Colors, Materials and Finishes. Cooperation with a product manager, product Engineers, buyer etc

Flights to Asian/European factories to follow, check and approve samples at different stages of production. Flights to Europe to visit the salon, shopping/research trends

I share my experience as visiting lecturer with next design generation and jury member with different design school

My skills

Problem analysis / solving // strong creativity // teamwork skills // workshop animation // 3D modelisation (computer, mock up) // 2D / 3D renderings skills // materials / processes // range product design // production follow-up // design strategy  // brand art direction ( design language, communication, packaging ) // design management ( budget, recruitment, human management )