Who I am

My name is Bai yang, I was born in Beijing in 1981, I have a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from ”

l’école de design Nantes Atlantique” in France. I’m an international designer, focused on Product design

with a strategic perspective.

What I do

Design research, customer trends, innovation, explorations of new lifestyle & using scenarios, quick

sketching, concept development, design language, Ansure brand consistency, Provide concept and design

guide for Colors, Materials and Finishes. Cooperation with product manager, product Engineers, Technical

Project Manager. Flights to asian/european factories to follow, check and approve samples at different stages

of production. Flights to Europe to visit the salon, shopping / research trends

My skills

problem analysis / solving // strong creativity // teamwork skills // workshop animation // 3D modelisation

(computer, mock up) // 2D / 3D renderings skills // materials / processes // range product design // industrial

developement // design strategy // design advanced // design language